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You can pick up lots of little projects and work to make lots of different ideas reality, but you can also get bored quickly and easily. Maintain some healthy variety to avoid the boredom and scattered brain, and keep yourself busy to cut down on fidgeting. Cancer is the sign of emotions, so Mars in Cancer means when you feel something strongly, you can be driven to act, and your emotions act as a catalyst for action. It depends on the decisions you make, and how well you feel supported in your life.

Even extreme anger or hatred or jealousy or sadness can be turned into something amazing for you. You just need to keep emotions from clouding your judgement and improve your objectivity. Leo is a super creative sign, so having Mars in Leo can make you a super creative person, and one who is driven to act on creative pursuits. You can stay with things for a while, and try to see it through. You likely loathe having a long list of things to do, so you make plans and schedules to get them done, and maintain routines to keep it from happening again.

The more you do, the more energy you may feel you have to do even more. You just keep going and going! The better your relationships are, the more energy you can have. Scorpio was originally ruled by Mars before Pluto came along , so Mars can be strong in Scorpio, just like with Aries.

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You can get wrapped up in what you pursue deeply, and this can allow you to get to the bottom of anything, but it can also make you obsessive. Sagittarius loves an adventure, so Mars in Sagittarius is most driven to pursue new experiences, go to new places , meet new people, and learn new things.

This placement can be very optimistic and loves freedom, so committing to anything for too long may be a challenge. You may lack drive for things you deem too serious, and focus more on the things you find fun and light. Capricorn rules goals, so Mars in Capricorn tends to be highly ambitious and driven to pursue your goals. You may have total control over your energy, very disciplined and focused, and this can help you to act. You can see the way the pieces fit together, and craft long-term plans that are super realistic and practical. This helps you achieve even more in your life, but you can keep your emotions to yourself at times, and need to open up more.

Aquarius is an independent original, so Mars in Aquarius is driven to do things in new, unusual, unconventional ways. Causes can also be of importance to you, and you can stand up in a broader way. Pisces is a Mutable Water sign, which makes it very difficult to pin down, so Mars in flowy Pisces can have a hard time with taking control of action. You may feel most driven to embark on spiritual pursuits, and a connection to your spiritual self can help you feel more energized in your life.

Imaginative energy can be strong, and you can be a highly creative person. You can feel more driven to help others than to help yourself at times. Understanding Mars can help you find what it is that drives you in life, and how you get your energy. Mars in your birth chart shows where and how you take action with your inner warrior!

Next Article. Posted on June 24, You live for love and romance. Your generous nature causes you to buy romantic and often, extravagant gifts for the person you love.

12 Ways to Know If a Man (or Woman) Will Sexually Turn You On

In return you need lots of attention, affection, and adoration from your lover. When you're emotionally happy or upset you can be a full-fledged drama queen or king. But you are more than willing to make sacrifices for someone you want to make happy. When it comes to a love relationship, you are a loyal, passionate, die-hard romantic who enjoys pleasuring and being pleasured by your mate.

Your shyness can make you cautious about falling in love. Your perfectionistic tendencies can cause you to be very critical of a lover before you decide they are worthy of you.

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You are a very discerning and intelligent person who is sympathetic; always ready to serve the person you love. You enjoy communicating, writing and teaching. Despite some of the reserve you show in public, behind closed doors you are an earthy lover who works like a craftsman to please your partner. Love is a very romantic and sensual experience for you.

You are charming and classy with lots of style. You enjoy partying and socializing but are turned off by crude language or vulgar behavior.

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You are a pleasure-seeking person who enjoys luxury and beauty. Your pleasures often include: great music, candlelight dinners, cheek-to-cheek dancing and amorous gifts from your lover. This puts you in the mood to enjoy what you were made for: a happy, harmonious relationship. Being in love is a deeply emotional and powerful experience for you. You feel love on a very spiritual plane.

But you have an overwhelming need to express your passionate sexual nature in your love relationship. This is because of your physical need to feel a profoundly close connection to your partner. However, your strong emotional nature can lead to conflict with your lover when you display your possessive and jealous nature. You enjoy the excitement and adventure of a love relationship. It can be hard to pin you down to one intimate relationship because you like having your freedom.

The emotional commitment that is often a part of a love relationship can feel restrictive to you. There's a part of you that would like to be free like Peter Pan and not "grow up. When it comes to falling in love you tend to be cautious, careful and calculating.

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While you are practical in matters of love, you have a very earthy and passionate romantic nature. When you're in love you have a jealous and possessive side that can come out, because you are afraid of rejection. If you feel slighted by your lover you can become cold and distant. But when it comes to being in love you are loyal, faithful and reliable. Your love nature tends to be more intellectual and detached rather than emotive.

You gravitate toward platonic friendships that don't emotionally bind you or inhibit your freedom. You like being friends with your lover but dislike being possessed by him or her. So, it's important that your lover give you lots of freedom to pursue your wide range of interests and many friends. Your personal magnetism and original style inspire the love of your partner. You have a love nature that is extremely kind, sensitive and romantic. You can be a chameleon who bewitches your lover to fulfill his or her fantasy. Sometimes your penchant for romance causes you to have fantasies about your lover that lead to disappointment.

You're self-sacrificing in a love relationship and intuitively know how to please your partner. You are inspired to love out of a deep desire to connect with a soul mate who fits your romantic ideal. It will compute your personal transits for and the planets in your birth chart. Then, make sure to scroll down to the end of the page, where you'll see your planets and the sign they're in.

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